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sulphur theme User Features:
Affiliate Area
Rank System
Shout Box
Pm Support for members. (clan/guild problems)
Pm Support for admin. (upgradedowngrade account,issues, etc)
Vent/TeamSpeak area
Area that shows whos online on vent or TS
Private chat for high ranks (Leader can add ranks, or people to this area)
Custom Banner on top for the clan/guild
Will show how many members, and whos the newest
clan/guild forum
news area on front page
personal profiles for members
rules section
alliance section
download section

Admin Features:
Remove/Add members
set news
Promote members
add rules
add downloads
set up support emails
config forum/vent status
set up alliance area
set ranks
set up callendar
set up private chat area/Add members/Remove members from area
set registration to password needed, or for public use
change banner on top
add affiliates/remove affiliates

Membership Levels
1 Guest
2 Clan Member
3 Top Clan Members
4 Clan Leader
5 Clan Leader + Script Config Permissions

I don't have a copy of this any more.

Clancake v1 // 02/10/2007

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