Dynarch JS Calendar version 1 and 2

Use a javascript calendar to generate date for a form field, before the date HTML tag got created

About Dynarch JS Calendar v2.1.9

Welcome to the new coolest JavaScript Calendar, JSCal2! Note that this is a whole new product. If you're looking for our old calendar, here's the old project. Note that the old product is unmaintained.

The new calendar isn't exactly free. There was a lot of demand for a commercial version and I believe this new product it's worth the price. It includes code from various other products of Dynarch.com, such as the DynarchLIB AJAX Toolkit, which aren't free software.

New in version 1.5: the time selector is back and better than ever. ;-)


  • Supports single or multiple dates selection, as well as selection of date ranges. Click a start date, then hold SHIFT and click the end date. There is no limit to the number of days in a range.
    You can also hold CTRL and click to select individual dates.
    The selection object can return an array of dates or date ranges.
  • Supports popup mode:

Created by Mishoo aka Mihai Bazon

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