Hostclaw (beta)

Manage your customers and billing for your web host if you use WHM

Hostclaw is a billing script for WHM that is written in PHP.

There are no screenshots because the script was made in 2008 in the php4 days, and I need to upgrade it to php7 standards.


  • Support for free hosting (good for free web hosts)
  • Checks amount of forum posts a user has made. (Good for when a free web host requires a user to make a certain amount of forum posts before requesting free hosting)
  • Affiliate program
  • Automatic suspension of accounts which have not paid their monthly fee after 30 days of the invoice email being sent
  • Instant activation of paid hosting accounts
  • Upgrading of free hosting accounts on request or once they've made enough forum posts
  • Customisable header, footer and CSS on the order form
  • Adding hosting packages and changing their prices
  • View your recent transactions and how much each one paid you
  • View the personal details of each one of your customers
  • Change the currency you wish to sell in
  • Cron the renewal emails, to send automatic emails to customers to pay their monthly fee
  • Suspend and unsuspend hosting accounts in the admin panel

Forum scripts supported

  • phpBB
  • MyBB

Payment processors supported

  • PayPal
  • Paymentwall


  • Responsive design
  • Add a ticket system, so customer support is available within the Hostclaw script
  • Add support for Stripe payment processor
  • Allow users to pay annually instead of monthly, and allow customers (and admins) to change their payment cycle at will
  • Improve the design of the script
  • Try to reduce the amount of pages the admin panel has
This script is in beta so it might have bugs or missing features. Email desbest to download this.

Hostclaw is based on Auto Host Manager that was made by simplyit, but updated by desbest. Last updated in 2008.

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