I made 2 plugins that was tested on Magento in 2012

I hate Magento and don't recommend it

Magento is a shopping cart script that I do not recommend under any circumstances.

Below is an image showing the magento database structure.

Now imagine what it must be like to code a magento plugin.

It is over 1 million lines of code, it crashes on shared hosting so you have to run it on a VPS, and the database structure is complex, so just imagine what coding a plugin for it is like! The search feature did not work on a fresh install and the documentation isn't explanatory. The support on the official magento forums is abysmal.

About the 2 magento plugins I made

I made a Brands plugin so products could be assigned to brands, brands could be browsed and was visible on the product page , search results, category page and search results, and you could filter by brand.

I also made a Showdown plugin where 2 products were chosen at random in a match, and the general public had to vote for which product they liked the best. A new match happened every day.

As I made 2 Magento plugins, I should be able to make a plugin for any shopping cart or CMS. With Wordpress, most plugins cost $50, $100 maximum, but I've seen Magento plugins that cost $800, so you need real programming talent to make a Magento plugin. It's not simple.

Features for Brands plugin

  • Filter by brand when browsing the shop
  • The brand is shown on the product listing, for a user to click on to see more of the brand
  • Products can be filtered by brand in the admin panel

Features for Showdown plugin

  • See past contents and which products won them
  • Browse by date
  • The two products chosen at random always belong to the same category.

The 2 plugins were tested with Magento which was released in 2012. Copyright desbest

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