Onetab HTML to Serialisation

Generate Onetab Export from HTML File

This was made for a specific rare use case I had for when using System Restore corrupted my data for a firefox extension. So I had to find a clever way to backup my data by saving what was visible as an HTML file, then using my script I did the programming for, to then export it in a [onetab]( compatible format, so I could finally import it again on a fresh onetab installation.

How To Install

You will need

  • PHP 5.60 and above. It's also PHP 7 compatible.
  • iconv php extension
  • curl php extension
  • mbstring php extension
  • allow_fsock_open to be on in php.ini (for if curl isn't available)

You can check if you have these installed by creating a new php file that has <?php phpinfo(); ?>

Simply upload it to a folder on a website (or your localhost)

How To Use

  1. Extract all the files to a folder on your website
  2. Have a file titled scraped.html that folder which is the HTML file of where you saved the web browser output of your onetab page
  3. Open the folder in your web browser and you'll see a onetab compatible import/export format in the large text box (or <textarea>).

If you don't have a website you can use Uniform Server to run it off your own computer by using Uniform Server or Laragon if you use windows. I recommend Uniform Server because it's portable.

Copyright desbest 17/07/2021 // MIT License

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