Rate My Stuff

Wordpress plugin for simply displaying a 1-5 star rating in your posts

Rate My Stuff is a wordpress plugin for simply displaying a 1-5 review on a wordpress post by simply typing in the following "shortcode". You can also have half rarings.

[rate 1] [rate 2] [rate 2.5] [rate 3] [rate 4] [rate 5]

What do the star ratings look like?

There's two ways to use the plugin

There is a way to use it that uses "custom fields" so that the rating is stored in a structured manner so you can see the rating on the "posts" page of wordpress and search and sort by rating. And there is a way to use the plugin that just merely inserts an image and doesn't store the rating of the post in the database.

I am currently in the process of uploading this to wordpress.org

Originally authored by Steve Smith, and Feedburner

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