Reviewer Rated

Wordpress plugin for simply displaying a 1-5 star rating in your posts

Reviewer Rated is a wordpress plugin for simply displaying a 1-5 review on a wordpress post by simply typing in the following "shortcode". You can also have half rarings.

[rate 1] [rate 2] [rate 2.5] [rate 3] [rate 4] [rate 5]

What do the star ratings look like?

There's two ways to use the plugin

There is a way to use it that uses "custom fields" so that the rating is stored in a structured manner so you can see the rating on the "posts" page of wordpress and search and sort by rating. And there is a way to use the plugin that just merely inserts an image and doesn't store the rating of the post in the database.

Reviewer Rated was originally called Rate My Stuff and was made by Dave Cantrell.

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