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Pages to test

  • Sitemap (make sure the sub-menu has a margin or padding)
  • Media manager
  • Test the menus in the layout
  • Edit page
  • Insert an image/media into a page
  • The and tag doesn't take up too much width to exceed the viewport on mobile
  • Home page
  • Single post page (also check threaded comments appearance on mobile)

Screen sizes to support

  1. Desktop design
  2. Responsive design on desktop
  3. Test design on mobile
  4. No errors in debug mode

Features to have

  • Desktop design
  • Responsive on desktop
  • Responsive on mobile
  • Search bar (if not, inside a widget)
  • Support for featured image
  • Support for excerpt
  • Customise site identity
  • Customise widgets
  • Customise menus
  • Customise additional css
  • Customise home page settings
  • Text and hyperlinks in the footer is correct
  • Readme is correct and contains a screenshot
  • Small size screenshot
  • Support for automatic feeds in functions.php
  • Support for featured thumbnail images for posts in
  • Full page screenshot image

Widget elements to use in testing

  • Search
  • Pages
  • Preset menu


The metadata in style.css supports hyperlink tags.

  • Author URI
  • Them URI
  • Author


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