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Pages to test

  • Sitemap (make sure the sub-menu has a margin or padding)
  • wiki/dokuwiki
  • Media manager
  • Test the menus in the layout
  • Edit page
  • Insert an image/media into a page
  • The select and textarea tag doesn't take up too much width to exceed the viewport on mobile
  • Home page
  • Single post page (also check threaded comments appearance on mobile)

Screen sizes to support

  1. Desktop design
  2. Responsive design on desktop
  3. Test design on mobile

Features to have

  • Desktop design
  • Responsive on desktop
  • Responsive on mobile
  • Support for featured image
  • Support for excerpt
  • Customise site identity
  • Customise widgets
  • Customise menus
  • Customise additional css
  • Customise home page settings
  • Text and hyperlinks in the footer is correct
  • Readme is correct and contains a screenshot
  • Small size screenshot
  • Support for automatic feeds in functions.php
  • Support for featured thumbnail images for posts in functions.php
  • Full page screenshot image

Widget elements to use in testing

  • SearchPages
  • Preset menu


The metadata in style.css supports hyperlink tags.

  • Author URI
  • Them URI
  • Author


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