Free proxy script to compete with ASProxy, PHProxy, PHP-Proxy, CGIproxy and Surrogafier.

Zelune is a free to download web proxy script, allowing you to hide your identity, and security, while browsing the web. Web proxy scripts also allow you to bypass firewalls on the network, commonly used to view websites that are normally blocked at school or work.

The zelune proxy script is known as "the world's fastest proxy script", because, unlike it's competitors, zelune uses cURL to download the files through the proxy. This allows for a better compression of the pages, ultimately making the Zelune Proxy Script incredibly fast, while being very light on the server's bandwidth and resources.

In any proxy webmasters mind, the speed and efficiency are the main two things to look for in a proxy script, and zelune is the best on both. If you want to see how fast the zelune proxy script is, you can try out our demo located on the right(coming soon).

Script author: Antonio Giorlando

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