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This website is powered by a "flat file" CMS (content management system) called Stacey, the first around, which then inspired every other flat file CMS that came afterwards. It's flat file because to manage content you have to use the "file-folder structure" paradigm. Every page you edit is stored in its own folder, and you'll have to edit a file within that folder to edit the content of that page, which takes place on your website's file-folder structure. Note that Stacey 3 isn't backwards compatible with Stacey 2.3.

It can get annoying having to open your control panel's file manager, FTP or WebDAV every time you want to make an edit to your website. So that's why Casey got made which is a website interface designed to make the changes to your Stacey CMS powered website, all while within a web browser.

To learn more about Stacey and Casey, as well as the people who made it, use the links below.

Powered by Casey 1.6 and Stacey 2.3
Created by desbest and Anthony Kolber.