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The client wants:
The client wants: A website where different pages have different layouts.

This means that after designing the header and footer, that the position the content goes in, will vary by page.
The problem:
Traditional cms's weren't designed for this purpose.

Most cms scripts like Wordpress work in a header-content-footer fashion, where the content has a fixed layout.
The solution:

Casey supports attachments and menus; and unlike a point-and-click cms, you can make new pages.
You can login using /admin with the username and password demo.
Graphic design portfolio

For Rishi’s website, Casey made managing a portfolio easy.
desbest portfolio
Web development portfolio

The partials feature of Stacey made this site possible.
DOWNLOAD Casey is compatible with both Stacey 2.3 and Stacey 3.
Page listing
When you login, you'll be confronted with a listing of all the pages on your site.
Editing content
You may see text boxes. If you do, you can enter text, html or markdown to change what content appears on your web page.
Depending on your template, your website may support the listing of images, audio and pdfs on your website. To add such multimedia to your page, simply use the upload form for it to appear on the page you are editing.
A template is a page layout. Different templates look different to each other, and look different to each other. Contact the person who setup your Casey site if you want your templates edited or a new one.
Creating sub-pages
Depending on your template, your website may support displaying a listing of pages contained by the current page. To add a page that belongs to the current page, follow the following instructions.

Depending on your template, your page might be using text or an image to link to the sub-page you want to create. If it's text, type in the name of the page you want to create. If it's an image, select the image that should link to your sub-page.

Finally choose a template for your page. A page's template cannot be changed.
At the bottom of the page there's a listing of your page's sub-pages. Click a sub-page to edit it.
Click account to change your password, and site to view your website or the page you're editing. If you would like further customisations to your site, contact the web developer who setup your site.
Powered by Stacey
Casey is a frontend interface to the Stacey flat file cms. You can visit the Stacey site to see what she can do.
FEEDBACK To contact desbest, use this feedback form contact desbest.
Behind Casey's looks, charm, and appeal; lies a powerful woman called Stacey who gives him his powers, but she speaks a foreign language.

If you would like to customise your site even further, ask Stacey to do so, take Casey to school for an educational upgrade, or ask your web design agency to make some changes.

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