Run your own banner exchange

phpBannerExchange is a PHP/mySQL script that allows virtually anyone with minimal knowledge of PHP, mySQL and web hosting to run their own banner exchange. This script was inspired by some of the greatest ad rotation scripts on the Internet such as Webadverts and phpAdsNew. While these applications are great in their own right, they are primarily banner rotation scripts and not really designed to work as an exchange script. phpBannerExchange was designed by Banner Exchange administrators for Banner Exchange Administrators.

This script was made in the php4 days and it is not compatible with php7. I do not have the time to upgrade it to php7 as I have a LOT of personal projects to do. I need to upload a demo and also demo of the skins.

Key Features

     * Multi-banner support for each user
     * Real-time, detailed statistics including optional click-log for each banner
     * Unlimited number of categories with category-specific rotation support
     * Configurable exchange-wide ratio
     * Optional online store integration for selling credits via PayPal
     * Optional referral program: Your members get a "bounty" of credits for referring other members
     * Supports multiple administrators
     * Admin configurable "Top x" users (x=10, 15, 5, etc).
     * Built-in managers for simplifying administrative tasks (see Admin section)
     * Coupon/Promotion support for online store and/or credit giveaways
     * "Default" accounts or normal account support. Default accounts have no ratio
     * Customizable template and skinning support
     * Update utility to insure the latest version is being used
     * PHP Sessions support
     * Simple, easy to follow installation script
     * MD5 support for password encryption
     * PHP/mySQL backend provides faster, less resource intensive banner serving
     * FREE to anyone who wishes to use it (GPL Licensed)

Admin Functions
     * Validate/add/delete accounts
     * Real-time exchange-wide stats
     * Account editor
     * Validate/add/delete individual banners
     * Assign a "default" banner that is displayed when no other banners are eligible for display
     * Add/Remove Administrators
     * Rules/Conditions of use editor
     * Ability to "Pause" exchange
     * Automated banner checking utility for checking remotely hosted banners
     * Integrated category admin, add/remove categories
     * Integrated database backup and recovery tool
     * config.php editor for on-the-fly exchange changes
     * Integrated FAQ manager
     * Built-in style sheet/skin chooser and editor
     * Integrated template editor
     * Integrated Promotion manager featuring 3 promotion types
     * Integrated store manager with search functions
     * Integrated mailer manager for sending individual e-mail or newsletters to clients

Client Functions
     * Detailed individual statistics
     * Click log for each banner (optional)
     * Password recovery tool
     * HTML code output with category support
     * Password recovery tool
     * Statistics in e-mail feature
     * Quick, easy to use signup page
     * Common-sense GUI


How do I install this thing?
Follow the instructions in the installation guide. Documentation is your friend.

What do I need to install this script?
You need a minimal knowledge of how your server works. You must understand how to chmod a few files and how to upload. This script has been tested on a Linux box running Apache, PHP 4.3.10 and mySQL 4.x and it works fine. Other OSes and configurations should be fine too (such as IIS/Windows), but it has not been officially tested on other platforms.

I keep getting file write errors during the installation or when uploading a file! Help!
Permissons. Check your permissions. The following files and directories need to have write access (at least 755, but 777 may be required depending on your server configuration: Files: /config.php /manifest.php Directories: /admin/db/ /your banner upload directory/.

I want you to install this for me.
Got $500? Seriously, I don't have time to install the software on every machine. If you have a problem, post in the forums. A forum member might install it for you, but there is no official installation support available for the script at this time. In other words, I won't install it for you.

Can I modify this script?
phpBannerExchange is distributed as GPL'd software. You may make changes to the script if you'd like, you can even redistribute it, but my copyright must remain intact. I worked long and hard on this script, please don't steal it.

This script sucks! Why doesn't it work like ________? (or, I'm a child and whine even if I get stuff for free)
Thank you for your comments. Your opinion of my script is valuable to me. I am sorry the free script I develop in my spare time does not meet your expectations of a professional product. In the future, I hope to quit my job, neglect my family and live like a hermit holed up in front of my computer so I can develop free software that meets your expectations. My family doesn't need to eat or have a place to live. (in other words: relax. If you don't like the script, go find a better one)

Skin and Template submission guidelines

Creating Skins
Creating a skin is easy by design. Just edit one of the CSS files, then save it as a differently named file. This will insure it will work with the default templates. It's just that simple. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, so we are all on the same page.

  1. Any images used in your Skin/CSS files should point back to the images directory in the main templates directory (eg: "../templates/filename.gif"). Do not keep your images in the CSS directory: CSS files go there. :)
  2. Do not deviate from or rename the class names. This will break the templates.

Creating Templates
Templates, on the other hand, are going to be a little more difficult to make. All templates should go in the /template directory off the main phpBannerExchange directory. Experienced templaters should be familiar with the templating styles, all variables with a very few exception, are echoed as {variable} style variables. This is similar to many other scripts available on the Internet. When creating Templates, keep the following in mind:

  1. Templates go in the /template directory. Make sure you put any images your templates will use in this directory as well.
  2. CSS files go in the /template/css directory. Make sure you include your CSS in the archive file as well.

Submitting Skins and Templates
Send your finished skins and templates to [email protected]. If this e-mail address is not working for some reason, you may also e-mail these files to my gMail account, which is [email protected]. If all else fails, upload the skins/templates to your site and send me (Darkrose) a Private message with the link to download the skin.

Be sure to include a description of the template as well as any special instructions a user would need to know to install the template or skin, if needed.

Things you should know..
I reserve the right to alter your skin or template for continuity/beauty. I will not alter the main theme of the template or skin, but if there's some problem with it (eg, a background image does not appear correctly), I will change it. I test every template or skin before it is uploaded.

How to install skins

To install a skin:
1. Upload the CSS files to the /template/css directory in your Banner Exchange folder.
2. Upload the Image files to the /template/images directory (if any, you may need to create this directory).
3. Access your Administrative Control Panel, then go to the Edit Style Sheet option.
4. Select the CSS file you uploaded from the list, and click Submit.

Script made by Under the GPL License.

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