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SEO Guide

Now you've designed, sliced and templated your Cartcake theme; you're now ready to add some SEO.

This guide is for the Heroes For Hire, to guide them on Search Engine Optimisation. It's a simple way of marking up content, that makes websites search engine readable. It may seem time consuming and pointless, but doing so can provide a considerable increase of traffic. Using the improvements together, will make an impact.

I was going to do a SEO guide, but there's no point in reinventing the wheel. If you want to SEO your theme, which you should, use the W3C Validator, Google SEO Guide PDF and WAVE Toolbar.

For page 16 and 18 on the PDF, it cannot be stressed enough. The W3C will help you with that when it comes to images, but not anchor text. Also don't forget about ultilising the <title> tag so pages have unique titles.

Where can I learn more about SEO and Affiliate Marketing?
   To stay in the loop, regularly read Seomoz, Seobook, and Offer Vault.
How can I make my website appear higher in Google and their autocomplete above other websites of the same name?
   Jungle from Heroes For Hire knows how to do this. Contact desbest and he'll put you in touch with him.
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